Guest Speaker

School Presentations, Writing Seminars, Keynote Speaker

Alex Temblador has been conducting presentations, teaching classes, and been involved in public speaking since 2011. Her public speaking career began with academic presentations at state and national conferences from 2011-2014 and expanded to include teaching English Composition as a TA at the University of Central Oklahoma while she studied for MFA in Creative Writing. Since 2018, Alex has presented at eight schools (middle grade and high school), three career day events, taught a seminar at Writing Workshops Dallas, performed literary readings in three different states, and has been included in multiple panels such as at Teen Book Con 2019 and Texas Library Assocation’s 2019 Conference.

Presentation Examples:

High School/Middle School Presentations

  • The Story Behind Secrets of the Casa Rosada

  • How I Became a Writer (Includes information on becoming an author and freelance writer)

  • Telling Your Story: The Importance of Identity

  • Creative Writing Workshops 

Presentations for Adults, Organizations, Etc.

  • Writing for Young Adults

  • The Publication Process

  • Diversity in Publishing

  • Querying an Agent

  • After You Find an Agent

  • Editing Tips and Tricks

  • The Art of Freelance Writing

  • Travel Writing as a Profession

Keynote speaker

  • Determined by the conference, luncheon, event, etc.

As always, Alex is happy to craft her presentations or speech around the needs of the event, organization, school, or audience. She works from home and has a very flexible schedule to meet your needs.



School Visits (Alex is based in Dallas, Texas)

One presentation: $250
Two Presentations: $375
Three to Four Presentations: $650
Online video chat, 30 min-1 hour: $75-$100
Out-of-town (beyond the DFW area): add travel expenses, airfare or mileage, hotels, and meals

Keynote Speaking Engagements: Varies

Writing and Publishing Presentations or Workshops: Varies

**Please keep in mind that Alex is open and willing to work with schools and organizations that serve children or underrepresented communities to best fit their financial needs.

To schedule Alex to speak at your event, school, or organization, fill out the Contact Form.

Don’t forget to refer to the Events tab to see if your intended dates conflict with another scheduled event or if there is an opportunity for Alex to visit you in conjunction with another event.