It’s Better to Pre-Order My Book… Here’s Why

I want to see my upcoming novel, Secrets of the Casa Rosada, in book stores, and I want to roam the aisles until I find the letter “T.” As I bend over sideways to get a better view of the spines, I want to be surprised and overwhelmed when I find my name on my book. From there I’d like to take it to the cash register and buy my own book – even though I’ll get some free copies – because this is an experience I don’t want to ever forget.

And while some of you may be excited to buy my book from bookstores, too, the reality is it is better for both you and me if you pre-order it online before the release date of October 31. Here’s why:

It’s cheaper, convenient, and available.

Let’s start with why YOU will want to pre-order my book before October 31. First and foremost, it’s cheaper! Those who pre-order will often get a discounted price (full price is $12.95). Here’s what some of the bookstores are selling it for:

It’s also convenient to pre-order as the stores will send it straight to your door once they receive their copies.

And if you pre-order my book online, you know that it is 100% available and you are guaranteed a copy. What does that mean?  

While my publishers work hard to get my book into every bookstore, the reality is it will not be in every bookstore. Bookstores buy books they think they’ll sell, so a bookstore in Alaska or Maine may not carry my book because they might not believe I have an audience there. And if you’re an indie library supporter, know that my book may not be in your local indie bookstore unless your request it (which I would TOTALLY appreciate). I do know that my publisher is working to get by book into indie bookstores in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, but if you live in Tennessee or Rhode Island – just be aware that you might have to request it to see it in stores.


I put this title section in capital letters because pre-ordering my book can do something VERY important for me. While buying my book is supporting me, the most important thing you can do for me as an author is to pre-order my book AND/OR buy it within the first two weeks of the release date (so anytime between October 31-November 14).

Why? Publishers and the literary community determine the success or popularity of an author based off the sales of the book in the first two weeks. This may seem a little crazy for first-time authors, but that’s just how it goes. The cool thing is that all of the pre-orders that are made before the book is released goes toward the sales numbers of the first two weeks.

And why does that matter? Not only does it make me look good as an author to my publisher – possibly making them more inclined to help me get press for my book – but it makes me look good with other publishers and the literary community at large. Furthermore, it’s one of the ways in which authors get on bestseller’s Lists like the New York Times Bestseller’s List. (Which would be a DREAM COME TRUE for me.)

SO – help me get on the New York Times bestseller’s list, please, by pre-ordering my book today. ;) It’s a big task, but why not try?

Alexandra Temblador