Two Great Book Reviews of Secrets of the Casa Rosada

Before my novel, Secrets of the Casa Rosada, was published and the public had the opportunity to read my book, I was honored with a couple of great book reviews.

It was one of the first times that my book had been praised by reviewers who didn’t know me or weren’t related to me, and reading these reviews made me feel proud of myself and my book.

I wanted to share a few snippets of those reviews. The first is from Foreword Reviews. The review was written by Catherine Thureson who wrote:

“The book is evocative with a strong sense of place. From the first page, Laredo, Texas, is described in beautiful sensory detail. The culture of its primarily Mexican community is brought to life as Martha explores her new environment.”

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I also received a positive review from Booklist reviewer, Kristina Pino. Unfortunately, this review is only viewable online to those who subscribe to Booklist. So, I’m going to share the entire review below:

“Martha's life was anything but stable for 16 years, traveling all over whenever her mother's whims sent them to a new place. But being abandoned at her mother's childhood home with the abuela she never knew she had offers a whole new kind of instability. While dodging the class bully and learning Spanish to fit in, Martha also starts to practice curanderismo, a mystical healing practice her abuela specializes in. But her family's full of secrets, and deep down, she wants to know where her mother went and why she left Laredo in the first place. Temblador depicts Martha as a frustrated teenager who loves and respects the people around her while finding a newfound feeling of purpose and belonging when she assimilates into her community as her highly respected grandmother's apprentice. This book is accessible to readers who don't speak Spanish, since Martha also can't speak any at the beginning of the story. It also addresses the hard reality that nobody is perfect, even our guardians, and the slightly ambiguous conclusion is tantalizingly open to interpretation.”

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Hope you enjoyed those reviews that warmed my heart.

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